As you can see, it was snowing in Prague so I decided to put on all white white casual outfits with my favorite navy blue trench coat. This trip around I want to show something for the ladies as it was requested by one lady from Netherlands. With me is another amazing blogger who calls her blog veshion life (veshionlife.com). She blogs about lifestyle, fashion and beauty. For my dear ladies out there kindly check out her blog and you’ll be greatly inspired. You can see how she chose the right type of coat for the weather and in conversation with her she said she picked this type pf pants because it makes her very comfortable, and I think does one thing one must think of when dressing up (comfort).



IMG_1812-horzWhen converse one star meets ugg Australia.


IMG_1823 - Copy-horz(HE) My scalf is DIY made with African print. The detail is one of Ghanaian’s traditional symbols. (SHE) The bag is by topshop, very spacious.

IMG_1817-vertWhen Sector ADV 3000 meets Marc Jacobs




HE: Vest: C&S,  Pants: forpen, Sneakers: converse one star,  Watch: sector, Trench coat: vintage

SHE: Coat: f&f,  Sweater n Pants: topshop,  Boots: ugg Australia, Benny hat: h&m


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