Hello fellas, I trust by grace all of you are doing excellent? For those who follow my blog day by day(thanks for that) by now you know about the ‘Kente’ cloth, and if you don’t you can check the post before this under culture category.

The Kente cloth as you see is a fully hand made woven cloth that an individual uses several threads. Before a six yards of this cloth is made a pieces made need to be joined. Looking at the details you see that the cloth is not just an ordinary cloth rather a beautiful work art. I still remember the smiles on the faces of some of these individual who weave the cloth, it’s like they have millions of dollars in their pocket. But’s all because of the love they have for the Ghanaian culture and the story behind the cloth (every cloth with a traditional symbols has a unique story).

The photos below was actually taken in my apartment, and I even used it in one of my assignments.



In this current weather no one will ask you to snap with these outfits indoors haha.





The ‘Ahenema’ slippers is what we Africans (Ghana) normally wear when we put on cloth.


Kente, the cloth of kings.




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