IMG_2655My motherland Ghana is a place full of rich culture. Everything about Africa in general is beautiful, and it’s sad that ‘they’ only show the poor side of Africa to the rest of the world.

In Ghana, Kente cloth is one of things we cherish and that’s why we even welcome some head of states with a piece of it. The kings and queen mothers put on Kente cloth and during special occasions most grown ups put on this beautiful cloth. Kente cloth was first produced by the Akans(a tribe in Ghana, and now it has spread to other tribes), it is a royal and sacred cloth originally worn only in times of extreme importance. Kente comes from the word kenten, which means “basket”. The very first Kente weavers used raffia, or palm leaf fibers, and wove them into a cloth that looked like a basket. The Asante peoples refer to kente cloth as Nwentoma or “woven cloth”. ( )

Normally we put on the cloth without a inner (the white shirt) but now some people prefer doing that, and the slippers is the official traditional one for it called ‘Ahenema’, and normally I add the traditional wrist beads though many put it on whenever they are in Kente.

Anytime you visit my motherland Ghana, buy yourself a real kente cloth and some of the beads as well. For indeed Kente was and is the cloth of kings.


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