Prague Casual

In Prague the weather is unpredictable, so for one to look presentable when in this beautiful city one of the outfit I will recommend is a knitted cardigan with a cool shirt. One of the things I will not to put on s colored striped shirt with a knitted cardigan or a blazer. White is one of things I’ve really rocked with this year, so those who hang around with normally see me in white.   And since white keeps us warm all the time anytime I’m in thick cardigan I try to much it with sea blue, white or any cool colors. And if the weather ain’t that too cold I won’t mind putting on loafers, and remember not to ware socks when you’re in your pair.



Let your ankles breath whenever you’re in loafers.



If you didn’t know, I used one of my mum’s scarves to make this pretty bow tie (wink)


How I Style 2(HIS)

Photos by Lola Rolla (Fb)

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