Uni. Style

As a Graphic Design student I always want to look presentable when going for lectures. Graphic Design is one of the most stressful programs so if you don’t take care you’ll always put on anything when going for lectures.

I personally see my body as a canvas, so I don’t just throw on anything when going stepping out. As an art student not only must your work look good, I believe it must also reflect on your canvas (body). Today I chose to go with ripped jeans (DIY) with vest and a vintage tie and a flat cap. I matched the vest with my loafers to enhance the colors more because of the black jacket. As a student always look simple and fly (wink).






My jacket is by ‘Forpen’ with my vintage tie. I think vintage shops brings out unique things all the time.


My DIY denim jeans.


Photo by: Veronika (veshionlife.com)

Jacket: Forpen

Tie & Flat cap: Vintage

Jeans: Denim


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