Navy Blue

It’s December and I just want us to thank God for how far He has brought us. At the moment in Prague the weather ain’t too cold as compared to last year, but in this shot my jacket was hidden though haha.

As a gentleman one of the colors you mustn’t do without is ‘Blue’. Sea blue and Navy blue are one of my favorite, and Italians don’t play around with it at all. When it comes to shoes, I normally say black shoes are for funerals. Many people are afraid to try on something new, I prefer brown shoes to black. Simply because it makes me stand out, and that’s style. Vintage shops are my friends, and if you want to be on a low budget shopping, follow that! My classy sunglasses was from one vintage shop in Prague. Cheers!


That’s me when the weather ain’t too cold (wink). In case you’ve forgotten, my jacket was hidden.


Sea blue and navy (Blues)



Believe it or not, my hair and face trimming is DIY.


That’s my precious African traditional beads with my Sector ADV3000


Photos by: Lola Rolla (fb)

Shirt: Forpen

Tie: M&S

Pants: Bershka

Accessories: African & Vintage

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