Afro-Euro 3

What’s good fellas? This is my second shot in Veneto city (Italy) and it has been amazing. It was 14:30 after church service and I made one of my good pals (Prince) snapped me. As I have informed you before, I most of the times dress according to my mood and since it was a blessed Sunday as always I decided to go with my Afro-Euro style. The weather wasn’t too cold by then so I made all black top with my colorful Ghanaian pants (one in a million). This very pants ain’t just an ordinary pants, it’s a combination of more than four clothes. One interesting thing about it is that each piece of clothe has it own traditional name with meaning (isn’t that amazing?) and one of them is called Dr. Kwame Nkrumah’s (the first president of Ghana) pencil.


Because I’m the type who always want to stand out with style I cherish this pants a lot. Shout out to Ghana.


Never put on a pair of socks with loafers. It’s a style error.




A pocket square and a badge are one of the things that enhances your looks. One a low budget plan, don’t go and spend a lot on a pocket square. I’ll advice you to go to any thrift shop for one.


I don’t play around with my African beads. I just added my silver bracelet to it since it’s an Afro-Euro style.


I’ve already said this, never put on a pair of socks with loafers.

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