Winter Inspi.

Winter is all about covering yourself well in style. During this period I normally prefer street style to classic man style. I think with classic man style one ain’t able to cover him/herself up well (that’s my opinion). Since street style don’t have any formula rather knowing how to combine things, one can step out […]

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Afro-Euro 3

What’s good fellas? This is my second shot in Veneto city (Italy) and it has been amazing. It was 14:30 after church service and I made one of my good pals (Prince) snapped me. As I have informed you before, I most of the times dress according to my mood and since it was a […]

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The fashion icon Nick Wooster, also known as style god is one of the few people I think of when it comes to style. He doesn’t joke with his details, and he will look different out of one thousand people. One of the things I like about him is how he motivate the up coming […]

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Afro-Euro 2

Blessed day to you all. It’s another chapter of Afro-Euro, and I was in Italy this time around. ┬áVeneto (Italy) is one of my favorite cities in Italy and I love everything about the place, from their food to their way of dressing. Because Italians ain’t afraid of colors I decided to put on light […]

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The bow tie first entered the scene as a new style of necktie in the beginning of the 19th century, and till now it’s one of the few things that keeps one in style. I always advice those I style that they should always go for a particular size depending on the shape of their […]

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Inspirations (street)

Most of the designers we know are inspired by the way people dress on the street, especially those with low budget income. When we look at some brands around us their prices are good for average people. Personally, one of the places I pick some stuffs are vintage shops around my location. Vintage shops will […]

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