Street style doesn’t have any rules, you just have to know how to blend things together, and as a Graphic Designer I know how to do that by grace. Camouflage is one of my favorite, and with it nothing goes wrong. I think if you’re the type that loves street style you should owe something made from camouflage. My ripped dirty jeans is an Italian made, the jeans jacket patterns is DIY  made with a Ghanaian ‘kente’ clothe, and another DIY thing is my haircut haha (wink).


Anyways, my crest was from a blind exhibition I went in Prague, and I experienced the life of a blind person for an hour.




My beads are from Ghana and the watch is Sector ADV 3000IMG_9654


I smile because of what God has done and is doing in my life.

Camouflage, Jeans Jacket, Ripped jeans and Converse one star.

Photos by: Veronika Vrbova (

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