Street style doesn’t have any rules, you just have to know how to blend things together, and as a Graphic Designer I know how to do that by grace. Camouflage is one of my favorite, and with it nothing goes wrong. I think if you’re the type that loves street style you should owe something […]



Hat doesn’t go out of style, the problem with some people is how they choose their hat. Don’t just throw on any type, think about your outfit. For example a straw hat (not a Panama type) normally goes with casual look, when going formal look a Panama/Trilby hat like mine will do. A hat can be the […]

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Blessed day to you all. This is actually my first AFRO-EURO style on my blog, and it’s about me blending my African style with the European. On my wrist are Ghanaian beads and in the pocket square is a kerchief made from Ghanaian fabric known as ‘kente’. Photo by: Lolla Rolla Location: Prague

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Putting on braces will always make you stand out. Never be afraid to style yourself with braces, with some real African wrist beads.

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